Water Heater – At a Glance

Water heaters are heaters that transfer heat from a fluid (usually either water or a gas) to a hotter liquid (usually air). Water heaters can be used in a variety of applications. Domestic uses of warm water include drinking, cooking, bathing, and even space heating. In commercial industry, warm water and heated steam have several uses.Learn more by visiting Sun City Water Heater

The most common domestic application of a water heater is the gas water heater. In a gas water heater, gas (or other fuel) is passed through a medium (such as copper) which absorbs and transfers the heat into the water tank. As with other types of heaters, the size of the tank will determine the amount of heat produced. Another option is a direct gas water heater where a direct current of electricity passes through gas rather than water. These heaters are more efficient than gas heaters but are less convenient and require less maintenance than the gas models.

In commercial water heaters, the tanks are larger and often the capacity is greater. A tank less heater will produce the same amount of heat by using smaller tanks. In the case of the larger tanks, some water heater tanks are made of plastic which are called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or can be stainless steel. The anode rod in a tank less heater is different in both size and type of rod to allow for more heat output. With more heat being transferred to the water, this means that the water temperature can be increased when needed.

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