VinVerification- A Summary

VinVERification is a new type of notary signing ceremony being used to provide notary public services and generate more business for notaries. If you’re looking for more tips, VinVerification has it for you. This service is a relatively new innovation in the notary business and has already been embraced by a growing number of notaries who see this as a way to increase their revenues. The new Vin VER Verification notary signing process involves not only the notary public but also a customer who must provide additional information such as a social security number, date of birth, address and so forth. The notary simply verifies these items on the electronic signature certificate, providing a permanent, paperless record of the transaction.


There are many benefits for both the customer and the notary public using vinverification. First of all, because there are no paper documents to carry and there is no need for the notary public or the customer to provide identification such as a driver’s license, the notary has more time to focus on other important tasks. Second, because the transactions are done online, the notary can take care of other duties that may be less urgent. For example, he or she might deal with loan negotiations or other legal matters and still be able to keep on working with the notary public. Third, because there is no paper trail, the transaction is safe from fraud because the transaction cannot be reversed.

VinVER technology offers notaries some advantages over traditional signing procedures that may be attractive to some customers, but there are also some potential pitfalls to consider. For example, because there is no paper trail, the transaction cannot be tracked and there is no way to know whether or not the notary truly authenticated the signature. In addition, it may be difficult for customers who use a mobile notary signing device to remain in touch while they perform the notarization of a signature. Furthermore, some mobile notary services do not offer this service for a fee. VinVER notary services may provide more security and easier document authentication for some people, but their fees may be higher than traditional signing methods, especially if they decide to use more than one mobile notary.

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