Summary about Connecticut Bail Bonds Group-Bail Bondsman

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When a person is arrested for a crime, a court will determine the amount of bail depending on the severity of the offence and the defendant’s prior criminal history. If the defendant is unable to pay the bond sum, they will be held in custody until their court date. Many persons who are arrested face this issue. Work and family obligations are common, and being locked up for a lengthy amount of time can be difficult. People who find themselves in this difficult predicament will require a bail bond to be freed from detention as soon as possible.

A bail bond is a promise made by the court to a bail bondsman or bond firm. The bail ensures that the defendant will appear in court on the given date. The bail bondsman is liable for paying the bail money if the arrested party fails to appear in court. Because the bondsman must pay the bail for a no-show defendant, many bail bond agencies request collateral for large bail sums.

The cost of hiring a bond agent is 10% of the total sum determined by the court. The legal amount that bail bond firms can charge is set by most state governments. If bail is set at $50,000, for example, the defendant will pay $5,000 to the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman’s fee is non-refundable and includes the bail securing services. The majority of low-cost bail amounts do not necessitate the posting of a bond.