Regenerative Medicine – At a Glance

Regenerative medicine deals specifically with the “biologically repairing, engineering or replacing human or animal tissues, organs or cells to restore or establish normal physiological function”. Although it’s still fairly new, this practice has been around since the earliest days of recorded history. Our ancestors have used such techniques as acupuncture and herbal medicines for thousands of years to heal and maintain good health. It’s only recently that scientists and doctors have been able to use advanced techniques in order to perform these types of treatments. Even with this new knowledge, doctors and scientists continue to employ traditional techniques and medicines to help people. Check Greenville Regenerative Medicine.

There are a variety of reasons why we may suffer from some form of disease or condition. In today’s world, we experience stress, pollution, insufficient sleep and even poor diet and exercise can cause health problems. These problems become compounded and our immune system begins to weaken, which can lead to many different diseases and conditions. The human body is amazing but sometimes things go awry. People are living longer but disease and illness seem to get worse every day.

Scientists and doctors are continuously trying to find ways to improve upon the health practices that we have come to rely on over time. With so many successful medications and procedures being developed each day, the goal is not to replace existing therapies but rather to find better ways to help people who suffer from disease. Because there are no “cures” for age-related diseases or life-threatening diseases in their early stages, regenerative medicine is focused on developing and using natural and healthy approaches to assist patients with disease prevention. Disease research and development in this field have produced drugs to treat serious illnesses like AIDS and cancer, as well as more simple treatments to maintain and improve health and wellness.

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