Quick Approaches about Colonization’s Role on The Political System of The Muslim World

The first of these Islam myths has to do with a terrorist event that has led many people to believe that all Moslems are terrorists or extremists. Since the terrorists claimed that their actions were based on Islam, Islam is frequently portrayed as a violent faith. Their private actions become misconceptions about Islam, despite the fact that their actions have nothing to do with Islam; rather, their own goals become the foundation of their actions. To know more check their article.

Apart from the main one mentioned above, the second most common misperception about Islam is that it oppresses women. It is frequently sparked by the fact that many Moslem women are required to wear veils and are unable to drive on their own. This is untrue, because everything Moslem women do or wear is designed to provide them with protection. As an example of these misconceptions about Islam, Moslem women wear the veil since it is regarded a modest attire for avoiding sexual offence from men. Furthermore, there are several key aspects of Islam that demonstrate that women have the same rights as males, such as the ability to retain their family name after marriage. It is also forbidden in Islam for parents to force their Moslem daughters to marry. They are only permitted to propose which males are the greatest, but the women must make the final selection.

The third myth about Islam is that it worships a different kind of God than other religions. It is untrue since Moslems believe in and worship just one God, Allah. Because Allah is merely the Arabic name for God, Islam believes in the same God as Christians and Jews. Furthermore, Moslems believe that God is One and Only, because God does not become tired, does not have a son, and does not have human attributions.