NovaGenix : Understanding Its Benefits

Bioidentical hormone treatment, also referred to as natural hormone therapy or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, is the application of identical hormones on a molecularly identical level with endogenous hormones by means of hormone substitution therapy. It is used primarily with female sex hormones such as estrogens and testosterone, with some estrogen applications and testosterone applications coming from nature. Men can also receive hormonal replacements via hormone substitution therapy as well. Get more info about NovaGenix.

One of the chief advantages of bioidentical hormones is that they are more stable and less likely to cause complications or side effects in the human body. They are made in such a way that they are more easily absorbed and metabolized than other types of hormones, especially those coming from synthetic sources. This feature is particularly important for women who are undergoing breast cancer treatment as it allows their treatment to continue while working to maintain healthy hormone levels in the body. Menopause symptoms also benefit from bioidentical hormones as well due to the fact that these types of hormones are more easily absorbed by the body when coming from natural sources.

For many women, symptoms related to menopause such as night sweats, hot flashes and an overall sense of not being well coordinated can be extremely difficult to deal with on an everyday basis. These symptoms may also lead to depression and a sense that there is nothing to be done about the symptoms as they feel out of control. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help to relieve many of these symptoms, which are caused by hormone imbalance, until the women find a balance between their daily hormonal needs and what is going on in their lives. Many women find that once their art therapy has started that the hot flashes and night sweats subside entirely, allowing them to get through the day and life without any additional assistance. However, as noted before, it is always important to discuss these symptoms and any additional treatments that may be recommended with your doctor or pharmacist so that you can find a treatment that will work best for your particular situation.