Los Angeles PRP for Hair Loss – Guide

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a groundbreaking new therapy for hair loss. It’s adaptable, and it may be used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery or as a stand-alone therapy for thinning hair. Many hair transplant surgeons are already utilising this technology in their hair replacement surgeries, and many more will likely follow suit after expert presentations to over 400 surgeons at the ISHRS conference in July.If you’re looking for more tips, Los Angeles PRP for Hair Loss has it for you.


PRP treatment is done in three phases. First, a sample of 60-100mL of blood is collected from the patient and centrifuged. After that, the fraction with the greatest platelets and growth factors is extracted and saved. One portion of the platelet-rich fraction may be lysed to release additional growth factors before being mixed with the other whole-platelet factor. This additional treatment is said to boost the benefits of PRP therapy, particularly in the case of hair loss.

The scalp is then massaged to start the wound healing process. To utilise the growth factors and platelets provided by PRP treatment, this mechanism must be triggered. Previously, PRP activation could only be done with one needle. Because hundreds of punctures are required for the activation phase, employing a single needle proved impractical and painful for the patient. For the activation phase, Nanogen has developed a new device called the Scalproller, which is extensively utilised. The Scalproller is a microneedle roller that utilises 192 different titanium needles to open the skin to the same depth every time, with less discomfort since it uses less pressure. The Scalproller saves the surgeon time by rolling it over the scalp.

The re-injection of the platelet and growth factor rich fragment into the scalp is the third stage in the PRP procedure. The factors are used by the stimulated cells, including hair follicles, to produce high amounts of every factor required for healing and good hair development.

The stimulation and availability of high concentrations of growth factors has been proven to promote new hair growth, thicken current hair growth, and improve the thickness and health of hair transplants. In one instance, a patient with Alopecia Areata was treated, and the PRP therapy resulted in hair regrowth.

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