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Cementitous grout Stain resistance can also be enhanced through the use of a latex additive, often added to strengthen the grout, reduce water absorption or to enhance its movement capability to better resist cracking. This will also improve the color retention which can degrade if cleaning with an acidic cleaner. Acids can dissolve and leach the colorants from the grout. In fact, the wives tale that vinegar cleans grout, should be adjusted to say it leaches and bleaches the grout. Used extensively, and we will generate a cement grey grout over time. explained here

The second major chemistry are epoxy grouts which entered the market on the promise of delivering a non-porous stain resistant grout line. Epoxy grout is a water less two part formula consisting of epoxy resins and hardeners. This type of grout is mixed just before installation. These are usually more expensive, more difficult to install, but also more stain resistant. Epoxy grouts are reported to be stain and mildew resistant and are easy to clean. This type of grout is most commonly used on kitchen countertops and bathrooms.

Furan grouts round out the group. Similar to the epoxy grout but consisting of polymers of furfuryl alcohol offering exceptional chemical resistance. This type of grout only comes in black and must be installed by a professional. This type of grout is often used in laboratories and industrial projects.

Knowing the difference between these grouts can save you time and headaches later on. Now that you know the different types of grout, selecting the grout that is best suited for your project should be a little easier. As with anything, an ounce of prevention is more valuable than a pound of cure. Remember select your grout wisely and you will enjoy a lifelong beautiful project, otherwise you are simply setting yourself up for another project.

That said, have no fear. If your grout is non-optimal, stained or suffering other problems, contact your local stone care professional. They should be an expert in their industry and provide a 100% service guarantee. It helps to know that your service provider also understands stone safe products, how to care for grout and has been in business for a substantial amount of time to garner the experience necessary to recognize and repair your situation.