Laundromat Equipment – Secure Your Store and Deter Crime

Aside from the washer and dryer, which produce money for a coin laundromat, the security system is likely the most significant piece of laundromat equipment. If you’re looking for more tips, Carmichael Laundromat Association has it for you. A security system safeguards not only the store’s owner, but also the laundromat’s clients. This investment gives the owner and patron peace of mind, as well as making anyone considering committing a crime at the laundromat think twice. So, how many coin laundromats truly have security mechanisms in place, if security is so important? Regrettably, not enough. Here are a few examples of laundromat security, or the lack thereof, that I’ve witnessed.

Protection – Some establishments have no security at all. The store owner is either unaware of the advantages of investing in this type of laundry equipment or refuses to spend the money on it.

Other laundromats have a sign that reads, “Warning: Premises Surveillance by Hidden Surveillance.” However, a closer look reveals that there isn’t actually a security system in place. It’s the equivalent of having a “Home Security” sign conspicuously posted in front of your home when you don’t actually own one. While this may stop some potential crimes from occurring in the Laundromat, what happens if one does occur? Everything at a store with a real security system is recorded as evidence for law enforcement agents.

Security in Disrepair – I’ve seen other stores make the investment in security but then neglect to maintain the equipment (i.e. broken cameras). Do you believe a criminal will see this as well if I notice it?

What Should You Look for in a Security System?


This is one of my favourite features and a must-have for remote management. You should be able to access the store via the Internet at any time if you have a good security system. For example, I was able to check in on my store while speaking at a coin laundry organisation event in New Orleans.

I no longer need to go to the supermarket every day because of this feature. When I get up in the morning, I go to my home office and check on the store. This type of remote management allows me to keep a watch on both my clients and my employees to make sure they’re doing what they’re meant to be doing.

The Internet service, by the way, provides additional benefit. I was able to add free Wi-Fi service for my laundry clients despite having the local telecommunications operator activate Internet connectivity to my establishment so I could have an Internet capable security system. This is one of those freebies that customers have learned to expect, and it will help you set your store apart from the competitors.