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Definition of Truck Wash in Building A truck wash consists of a truck that has been in operation for a while, typically more than twelve months, and is used by contractors to clean and rinse surface contaminants from their concrete, sheet rock, asphalt, or concrete slabs prior to pouring a concrete batch. Definition of Truck Wash in Building contracting refers to a cleaning process used in building construction. It may also include a pre-building washing or a post-building washing. A truck wash may also be used as a portion of an inspection coating application. In construction, a truck wash is typically a mechanical system of spray nozzles, brushes, or rotating nozzles used to remove the soil and mud from an exiting vehicle, off a job site.Learn more by visiting Grand Island Truck Wash Association

Truck Wash Definition In HVAC Contractor’s Dictionary The process of truck washing is used in commercial and industrial applications for two primary reasons: to reduce traffic noise and improve air quality. Truck washing or “to clean the bed” is a practice to clean the interior surfaces of trucks, engines, and transporters of liquid and solid materials. To facilitate the process, large scale washing machines are usually utilized and are sometimes coupled with mechanical agitators. In addition to being used in large industrial applications, truck washing in residential areas is done using smaller, portable washing machines. This helps reduce truck movement which helps in reducing traffic noise and improving indoor air quality. Many people who live in small rural communities or in apartment complexes do their own truck washing to provide an improved indoor air quality.

Regulations and Standards A variety of federal and state laws govern the truck wash industry. Most of these laws require that trucks, towable vehicles, and other covered vehicles (tables and non-towable trucks) are washed with water that contains at least one gallon of a clean and chemical solution. Additional requirements may be placed on the use of truck wash water. These guidelines must be carefully reviewed and followed by businesses to ensure compliance. Truck washes are subject to periodic certification and inspections to ensure compliance with applicable laws.