Frozen Pies -An Overview

In fact, you could freeze a nine-inch Graham cracker in advance and then reheat it for a terrific breakfast pie. Just defrost the Graham cracker, slice it into quarters and place it in your freezer. When you are ready to bake the pie, just take the quarters out of the freezer, heat them up in the microwave and transfer them to the oven. If you’re looking for more tips, Frozen Pies has it for you.
You may be concerned that frozen pies will not hold up to the high-temperatures of your oven. Many experts recommend preparing pie crusts ahead of time in order to ensure they will withstand high temperatures. Since pie crusts are already prepared and tested before freezing, all you have to do is add them to the freezer and let them thaw as usual. Once frozen, they will be just as delicious as if they were fresh. However, preparing pie crusts ahead of time is also a great idea because it will allow you to determine what flavor is best and whether your filling will go bad before baking.

One final tip: baking your frozen pie crusts to achieve an even brown color can be very easy. All you have to do is take your unbaked pie crusts and place them on your baking sheet and turn them over once or twice to prepare them for baking. This will help prevent your crust from getting unevenly browned. The key here is to allow your crusts to reach room temperature before baking them. Once they are done baking, let them freeze for one to two hours before serving.


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