Details of Roof Cleaning Warner Robins

A roof covered in heavy moss may give even the most majestic looking property a humiliating effect, regardless of how stunning a well-maintained home may appear from the street. However, excessive moss does not just have a humiliating appearance on the roof tops of most people’s most valuable asset.

Moss, unlike many other types of flora, does not require direct sunshine to thrive, therefore it can grow on roofs that are shaded.

In fact, moss has the ability to draw vital growth-sustaining nutrients from the organic compounds that make up most roofing, materials used to construct a modern roof; additionally, bitumen-based tiles (tar) are made from a natural ossified organic compound that can actually supply most forms of moss and mildew with all of the necessary sources of life-sustaining nutrition.Visit Roof Cleaning Warner Robins for more details.

The surface of the slates and shingles is etched and subsequently deteriorates as the moss feeds and draws nutrients from the surface; once tiny cracks and recesses are created on the otherwise smooth surface, water can seep through the tiles; deterioration is accelerated during the winter months when the ambient temperature drops below zero and moisture freezes, turning to ice; deterioration is accelerated during the summer months when the ambient temperature rises above zero and moisture freezes, turning to ice

If you want to prevent costly tile replacement or significant roof refurbishing, it makes sense to maintain roof moss and other roof fungal levels under control.

There are several ways to remove moss from roof shingles, but the most common and cost-effective method is to gently pressure wash the tiles with a low-pressure cleaning system. Once all moss, algae, and fungi have been removed, the roof should be allowed to dry before spraying with an effective and preferably biodegradable fungicide to kill any remaining spores. A solution of ferrous oxide dissolved in water at a 1-5 ratio is the best and cheapest fungicide wash (1 ounce of ferrous oxide to 1 pint of water).

Roof moss cleaning can be a very dangerous project for an inexperienced homeowner, and it’s one that should only be done by a professional roof cleaning company that not only has the knowledge to do the job, but also has access to all of the necessary equipment, such as ladders, ropes, and safety harnesses.

Another benefit of hiring a professional roof moss removal business is that they typically offer various types of external cleaning services, such as gutter cleaning, deck renovation, patio and driveway cleaning, and tarmac painting and repairs.