Cellular Routers and Gateways – Things to Consider

Cellular Routers allow you to connect with anyone, anywhere. It provides your business the ability to connect all of your employees together, without any wires or cables leading between each employee. With the use of wireless technology and a wireless router, a cellular telephone company is no longer restricted by physical distances. These days, there are even many different types of cellular routers that can be used by companies that have multiple locations. click for more info about us.

The benefits of having a wireless network are almost endless. In addition to the obvious cost savings when using these newer technologies, the cost of maintaining the infrastructure of an older wired system is vastly reduced. Most of these new systems come equipped with both Ethernet and serial ports and can be used in conjunction with remote locations.

There are two basic types of Ethernet based cellular routers-Ethernet or iPAQ and Lite sockets. The most common uses for these types of cellular routers are for in-home usage as well as in small to medium sized office buildings. Typically, the cheaper and smaller models will not be able to provide satisfactory sound or data reception. Because of this, most major manufacturers of ethernet based telecommunication equipment include iPAQ and Lite sockets that work great with these newer technologies.