Auto Repair Marketing – 4 Advertising Ideas for Auto Repair

Is it correct that you want to get more cars in your business to improve your revenue? Internet auto repair marketing is a fantastic technique to attract more local clients to your store! In the last few years, online marketing has risen by leaps and bounds, and with phone books and Yellow Pages quickly becoming obsolete, internet marketing is where auto shops can make real money. I’d like to share 5 auto repair advertising ideas with you that you may adopt in your business to dramatically increase the number of automobiles you fix on a monthly basis! Click here Everest Auto Repair – Newark Mechanics for more details.
1. You’ll need a website, which should be built on the WordPress platform. Most websites are essentially “flyers,” but WordPress allows you to construct beautiful websites, integrate a business blog, add a form that collects leads for you automatically, and integrate your website with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other online marketing channels. Isn’t it very cool? The terrible aspect is that, in most cases, an automotive repair shop would employ a web designer who will develop a website as cheaply as possible and charge a high fee. Because the web designer is not a marketing expert, instead of creating a marketing machine based on tried and true internet marketing concepts, he creates a static website that is unsuitable for internet marketing. When I look at folks who promote auto repair marketing services, I see it all the time.
2. One of the most effective auto repair advertising strategies is to use social media. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are exploding, and clever car repair firms are taking advantage of them to promote their business and attract new clients. “How can an auto repair shop benefit from Twitter and Facebook marketing?” is an obvious question. Aren’t those sites intended for children? That’s incorrect! Facebook and Twitter both have millions of adult users who log in on a daily basis. You are instantaneously in front of a huge chunk of your local or regional audience by being on these sites. What happens if Sally is in need of a new transmission, brakes, etc., and she discovers your company’s Facebook page? You’ve gained a new client! If you do an excellent job repairing her car, she will come back again and again. This one person who sees your company’s Facebook or Twitter profile might possibly be worth thousands of dollars to your company!
3. Your website must appear in Google’s local search results. It’s not easy to rank on the top page of Google and Yahoo, but it can be done with the right promotion. For example, I am an Atlanta-based independent marketing consultant who ranks first on Google for “Atlanta independent marketing consultant.” In addition, I am the second most popular search result on Yahoo for “Atlanta marketing consultant.” Believe me when I say that having your website rank well for local keyword phrases can bring in a lot of new business! This is the pinnacle of auto repair marketing! To acquire those ranks, I had to fight out over 2,000 websites, so don’t you think I could aid your auto repair company marketing efforts?
4. Writing informative articles and press releases is another excellent auto repair marketing strategy. I’m guessing you don’t have time to write articles, and you certainly don’t have time to produce a well-written press release. The good news is that you can hire marketing companies to accomplish this for you for a very low cost. I’ve produced hundreds of articles for my marketing consulting company, and I can tell you that it’s an effective and low-cost way to promote your car repair shop online.
These are just a few auto repair advertising concepts to consider adding to your marketing arsenal. The ideal option is to engage a professional marketing consultant who can come in and show you step by step how to turn your internet marketing efforts into a money-making machine for your car repair shop!