A Look At IV Drip Therapy

In recent years, IV Drip Therapy has become the preferred treatment method for many patients suffering from serious stasis ulcers caused by severe dialysis or other kidney failure, sepsis, and other life-threatening conditions. Intravenous therapy allows for administration of fluids and medications directly to the veins of the body. The intravenous route of delivery is most commonly used for replenishment or to deliver nutrients to individuals who can not eat or drink by mouth alone.If you’re looking for more tips, IV Drip Therapy has it for you.


In IV Drip Therapy, the fluids are carefully monitored, measured and delivered under strict guidelines so as to prevent excessive loss of fluids and medications. IV drips containing electrolytes and micronized nutrients are particularly efficient when delivering nutrients intravenously. They allow for easy absorption through the gastrointestinal tract, where they are absorbed and utilized by the body immediately. In this way, there is immediate improvement of the condition of the patient and quick removal of wastes from the bloodstream. If these nutrients are properly administered, they can replace and enhance the nutrients already being absorbed in the bloodstream, facilitating correction of nutritional deficiencies.

One of the key purposes of IV hydration therapy is to correct mineral deficiencies, especially those that occur as a result of prolonged dialysis or other kidney disease. To this end, IV hydration therapy is used in conjunction with IV antibiotics in order to enhance mineral absorption and utilization. This approach is especially helpful for patients with chronic and severe dehydration that have a poor ability to absorb liquids. In addition to optimizing mineral levels, IV hydration therapy can also optimize protein levels, facilitating weight gain and maintenance of strength after weight loss. Indeed, IV hydration therapy is highly effective when used in conjunction with other treatment options, such as dialysis, antibiotics and IV fluids.

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